GŪD Sugar is a high end custom bake house created to make all your sugar dreams come true! Your wish is our command. Made with the highest quality ingredients by skilled hands ensures you won’t ever be disappointed.


We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating and going to a brand new class can be nerve racking. We want to help make your first experience at GŪD Yoga a great one.


From the look of it this is just like any other yoga class. It’s really GŪD yoga. The inside is where the change happens. The intention is all about coming before Jesus. The message comes straight from scripture. Combining breath and body to offer a unique worship experience to glorify God; The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

GŪD Sugar

At THE GŪD life, we know you have your hands full. That’s why we offer all sorts of delicious goodies. From gourmet style cupcake toppers to place on your dash-by-the-store cupcakes or a signature dessert made just for your event, we are ready to take on the details so you can enjoy your own GŪD life. Just a quick email consult can get the ball rolling.


At THE GŪD life, we have creativity and talent to spare. So we share and share as much as we can! Hand painted & lettered creations are available at a moments notice for local pickup or quick shipping. Have a picture in your minds eye you want crafted? Holla!


At THE GŪD life, we absolutely LOVE to learn, and we know you do to. Jennifer has a way of communicating with each person in a unique way to make learning FUN. Always dreamed of having beautiful handwriting? Painting, sculpting? A particular yoga pose or theology? Want to understand what you read in the bible better or have a group of friends that just love to get together and learn anything? Jen is your girl!

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