Everyone loves to talk about how marketing is an investment rather than a cost. Every dollar that is spent on increasing revenue in the form of drawing in more traffic, more conversations, or improving brand visibility. Some brands do not have large marketing budgets and need economical, efficient and proven ways to build their business. No matter the size of your budget you will see great results from marketing campaigns, so long as you make sure that your deriving the optimum value from every dollar you spend. Here are some techniques that you can use to on low marketing budgets.

Use Social Media as FREE Marketing– You should take advantage of social media and get creative with content marketing. In today’s digital age, social media plays a huge roll in online marketing, so don’t underestimate it’s value. Social media accounts are free to set up and and offer vital exposure to your target audience if used correctly. You should be posting on a regular basis and contributing to online content, both on your website and through third party website. This will boost your credibility and you will appear higher on search engines like Google.

Have a SEO Strategy– Search Engine Optimisation( SEO) is very important for online businesses. Incorporating strategically important words in valuable content can dramatically increase traffic to your website and improve your online presence. Look at what keywords your competitors are using and that people are searching for and create a keyword spreadsheet with phases you want to include.

Write High Ranking Content

  • Quality– Most people spend less than a minute on web pages and sites before moving on. There is no point getting people to your website if there isn’t anything there to keep them there to check out what you have. With high quality content , you can engage your audience and ter them after some time into customers.
  • Keyword placement– It’s most effective to include keywords in the title and first 300 to 400 words of any content, but be sure your keywords appear naturally in your writing.
  • Understand your audience– Once you figure out your target market , it’s important to create content strategies that are custom to them.

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