When it comes to having markets throughout the year and also running an online coffee business it is very important to have help. It is easier to get the extra help without being charged or your supplier upping to cost to expedite your shipment if you explain why them helping you would be important.

For example, if I ask one of my partners to take over an event for me while I handle another aspect of the business I would explain to them if I am able to step away in this area for a day and redirect my attention on this very important task I could potentially be able to help them by giving them more paid projects in the future. Another example is when I ask my supplier if they could expedite an order for me so that I can get it to a cafe for their grand opening a week early. I would explain how much it would mean for my clients with this being their big opening to have their blends a bit early will ease their minds on if their order will be on time.

When your staff or partners see the big picture, they will be much more apt to help you get the outcome you need. When they are motivated the “one for all and all for one” principle helps them feel apart of something that matters.

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