Avoid The Catastrophic Meltdown – Of course when things go wrong your first reaction would be that you are a failure, that you never do anything right and nothing goes right for you. Guess what? When you lose your cool like that you start to see yourself in a negative light which is not doing your mental health any good and your not solving any problems. Instead you should try focusing on what you know you are: Smart, a problem solver, creative and leader who knows how to navigate through issues.

Take a Minute– When stuff hits the fan we tend to jump into captan save the day and try to quickly clean up whatever the damage is. This could make things worse because your so powered up, irritable and angry you haven’t thought about a plan of action. Give yourself time to evaluate what happened, what role did you play and look at all your options before moving forward. It’s okay to feel awful for a minute but then you should shake it off and get back on your A game.

Solve the Problem– You took time to look at what happened and now it is time to build a plan of action to get it fixed and move on to the next project. You need to get with a coworker, your boss or friend to figure out how you can overcome the setback. This is a great way to feel better and more confident about moving forward and getting back on track.

Forget the Blame Game– It’s typical to fault other’s for what happened especially if they played a major part in whatever caused the issue. The issue with blaming others is you loose the power to make improvements for yourself, it keeps you angry, resentful, and makes it harder to move forward with a positive solution.

There is a Bigger Picture– Take a look at what really matters to you. Did this issue or setback free up some time for you to spend with family? What are you grateful for? If for some reason you cannot think of one single thing just know this awful event is helping you build resilience which we all need because there will be setbacks.

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