Post Appealing Content– Pick a time of day when you will share your content and it does help if you know when your target audience is most active. You can find this my looking at the platform you are using stats on your profile. Make sure if you are posting pictures that they look good, original if you can and that they align with your brand.

Use Hashtags– Let your audience know you are posting new content by utilizing hashtags that are relevant to your content. This helps also if you are very niche!

Connect all Social Media Outlets– No one I know at has a single social media platform that they are not present on, not the followers and certainly not the influencer. This makes you available for them at multiple customer interaction touchpoints, building followers and more visibilities. When you connect your pages to each other it helps your audience find you on multiple platforms or at least the one they use the most.

Call to Action– If you do not do anything else on social media at least have a call to action on your page. It’s ideal to have one in every post which helps them click and get over to your website, up engagement and increase SEO. You can create call to actions by doing a poll, asking people to post their experiences, doing giveaways and conducting contest.

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