Managing a at home business which is basically a full time day job eats up so much time you pretty much say screw the social media work that you need to do. You know that you have projects that are due but you also need to let people other than the folks you meet knoe you exist. So how do you find the time?

Priorities First – There are so many social media outlets today that it has people’s head spinning out of control and they do not know which ones are event worth their time. I would start with the main six social media outlets which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. When posting your content you can use the same post and publish it on all these six of the social media outlets with minor edits to fit each individual cite. With instagram you need to be more engaged with this platform being heavily used by the younger generation and Instagram pays very close attention to engagement.

Keep in Touch Daily– You can’t hide from social media forever and you cannot ignore when someone comments or messages you on it. You need to set aside time everyday (Calendar Blocking) to reply to comments and messages. Social media is hard to monetize, but your SM reach and engagement can be very beneficial by bringing you new clients or help developing business with current clients. Trust me this is very big for your brand.

Wildfire Sharing– The way I share content is through blogging on my websites and then sharing to all my social media pages. This is actually the best way to drive traffic to your website (Your Business) and establishes you as an authority in your industry. In my blog post you will see links within the post that will take you either to a product that I have, another blog post that is relevant or to one of my social pages. So sharing your content on different pages with links to other work you have boosts your SEO on google. Also if your clients see that you are not on social media or marketing they may not want to keep working with you and it can turn off potential clients.

Social Media Manager– To make all this spreading of the good news easier consider using a social media manager that streamlines the sharing process and makes life easier and saves you a lot of time. Hootsuite is great but it doesn’t work well with Instagram(really what does as of now?). There are so many out there just use good ole Google and find what works for you.

If you noticed I left a social media outlet out, Youtube which is the sixth social cite. As you grow your brand think about incorporating video into your content creation. Instead of doing a video and posting it to Facebook or all the other social sites first create a Youtube channel for your business and post it there first. Then share it everywhere.

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